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Posts by Quincy Moran

WTF – What The Frustration

WTF? What the Frustration I know, the F in WTF isn’t frustration, most of the time! Frustrations are all too often ambiguous making them extremely hard to pin-point. Frustrations generally come in small doses, they pile up over time and the fact is we all have them. Some people see them as opportunities to change…

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The Epic Fail – Crazy good communication Part 4 The journey

The Epic Fail – The Journey When crazy good communication goes crazy wrong. This episode of the journey, we discuss our marriage and relationship, as well as the miscommunications, misunderstanding, and the failed moments in our current communication. With the world in its crazy state, things have changed, and people are becoming overwhelmed. Including my…

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Reality Check

Episode 10 Reality check   I love college football (Hello ROLL TIDE) and one of the funner things in the build up to Saturday football is watching Lee Corso on College Game day let other people state their case about a football team and why they will win. The longer the commentator pontificates their position…

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