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Book reference from Quincy Moran
“How to win Friends and Influence People” By Dale Carnegie
Has to do with deferring. Its a great book, check it out.
Just thinking about the Man vs. Marriage Podcast , reflecting on the WHY. My heart truly goes out to Men. As I began Coaching and having couples come into my office for help. I had discovered that many times Men don’t have a soft place to land. Meaning, they don’t have that place where they can vulnerable and open up about how they feel. Whether it is right, wrong or indifferent. Where do Men go?
I believe women have a place or platform to express their feelings and put it all out there. There are different avenue that are available to them.
I just felt there are not many places for Men to go to reach out and it be a safe place to just be themselves. To be able to share your feelings and NOT be judged because you feel a certain way. Instead of being afraid or shamed on how you feel, let’s create a place to discover the WHY?
My heart just goes out to Men, cause I believe they can be brutally attacked for just being them.
We have this perception of how Men are suppose to be. There is defiantly a way that Men have been designed. The way they think, the way they see things, the way they hear things, the way their heart beats everything is different then how women are. It is important to understand the differences and to respect the diversity. We can gain some insight to help our husbands through this journey.
I just feel it’s a great opportunity to have the ability to have this Podcast to reach those Men who are commuting back and forth to work. They have that opportunity to join us and listen in. Take what you want for what it’s worth and apply it.
Man vs. Marriage, it’s being on the field of marriage and bringing the best version of yourself to the game. To encourage you to be the best you.
Change subject
Quotes to share:
“I like to listen, I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.
~Ernest Hemingway~
“Nature gave us one tongue and two ears, So we could hear twice as much as we speak.
There is a difference between hearing and listening.
Hearing is a short term memory, on the surface.
Listening is being receptive to your own inner wisdom. While emotionally attuned to the other people, you are emotionally engaged.
Be a good listener/Engaging/Connecting
Question from Quincy
One of the toughest things when I started out was, How do I navigate the waters when you say: Can we turn off the TV and talk right now. Or can you put down the phone and
be present in the moment.
How do you approach a conversation and not get thrown overboard?
I believe it looks different for every couple. You need to know your spouses personality. How is she wired? Everyone will response differently.
You would need to know when to interact that kind of conversation. Prepare your spouse.
Join us on Episode #9 as we go further in this conversation.
You can also join us for Episode #10 and see the outcome of the question Quincy asked.

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