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Episode 294

Published on:

3rd Jun 2024

I tried this once - Journey Episode

I tried this once and it didn’t work! Has that thought ever crossed your mind after listening to this podcast? If so, I truly understand. We’ve become a society of consumers that want it all right now and demanding the next thing get here even faster heck we can go to the movies and see 200 years packed into 2 hours! Learning Strategies for successful communication and reconciliation require time and experience. We have to be marathon minded, train our tails of and prepare to endure. The reason this can be such a process is emotional attachment to feelings. Over the course of a few decades you may have some major wins that involve speed , otherwise you have to do the work and take the risks necessary to get things back in order. You may have asked yourself …How do I do that!?!

Have we got a deal for you !?!

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Man vs Marriage
Man vs Marriage
Question time dude, have you ever looked at a Marriage where the husband and wife appear to be best friends and wondered “How can I get that?” Maybe you have thought about your marriage and wondered "Is this as good as it gets"? The truth is, your marriage can be AS GOOD AS YOU WANT IT TO BE. The Man vs Marriage podcast is the Man's guide to creating the best version of yourself and being proud of who you are and what you are becoming. We offer you the road map to what you want in a fulfilling life and marriage.

Follow my journey as I navigate Marriage, parenthood, and relationships with my Marriage Coach Rita Enos, who truly has a heart for Men and how we as men can totally transform our marriage while growing and transforming ourselves in the process. Find your purpose and find your sense of pride in being a man and winning in marriage.

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A Family Man! A Happily married man however that happiness hasn't always come easy. After 10 years of marriage and 8 children with numerous medical emergencies and family tragedy we had become roommates. Fast forward 10 years and we have become closer than either of us had ever known possible. After this amazing transformation thanks to our marriage coach Rita Enos, my wife and I decided to give back to the entire Human Race and give Men the opportunity to decide "How Good do you want your life/Marriage to be"? I am hardwired to inspire because it gives me life! It was only natural that I take this desire to inspire and my incredibly handsome face for radio to make a difference like I have experience in my own life.