Episode 130 – Creating a Soft Place to Land: The Guide to Silencing Insecurity in Your Relationship – The Journey

What is it? What does “it” look like? A soft place to land… But I am a dude brute and brawn. Yeah I know me too, so why would I ever consider sharing my insecurities with my wife? Why would she open up about her emotions to me? I GO HARD BECAUSE I’M A BEAST! Again, I know all us men are bullet proof style Supermen I thought the same way and it’s because I hadn’t developed the level of trust with my wife to actually know when anything or everything was against me I could confide in her and she could represent the NO JUDGEMENT zone I needed and actually encourage me, build me, and empower me to conquer. Do you have that type of BLOCK BUSTER trust and truth in your relationship? I am here to tell you that it is absolutely game changer. Join us in this episode for the opportunity of a life time. I am not overselling here.

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