episode 132 – Say it ugly! Clean it up – The “How To” In Saying Crap That May Be Hard to Hear

Have you ever wanted to say something to your spouse only to get to that moment and say something that crushed her and IT ISNT EVEN WHAT YOU MEANT TO SAY?!!! Or, have you gotten to that moment to speak and your mind buffers like crappy wifi and you can seem to get the words out at all? Let me tell you I am the king of both of those pleasant scenarios and either way you slice it, it sucks! This is why I developed the term, Say it Ugly and clean it up. This developed the proverbial “Mulligan” if you will to say something even when you don’t have a clue what it is supposed to sound like. Now, let’s get this out in the open, it is by no means a free pass to cuss your wife out, insult her in a horrible way and then pull back to say hey I told you it was ugly. NO, it’s actually a solid way to communicate hard or embarrassing situations/feelings that you just can’t seem to properly articulate.

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