Make 2022 The Best year yet!

Make 2022 The Best yet! 

Farewell 2021! How does your family take stock of the good the bad and the ugly as the new year begins ? In this episode we discuss in some detail The Good and The bad of 2021, then we share with you how you can make 2022 successful. How you can tailor your experiences to grow the good in your life, appreciate the difficult things you’ve been through. 

We have sought out over the years to create meaningful experiences with our family, it’s truly those things that you can carry with you for a lifetime. 

There have been many things this year that have challenged us as a people, the gaps between family and friend when it comes to their approach with Covid has seemingly become wider. How do you navigate these difficult waters? 

Join us as we all learn together ! 

If you live in the USA we encourage you to support your local ranchers! We have just purchased our first side of beef from Gloria and her family at the Robert Woody Ranch in Woody California. They aren’t a sponsor of our show, we simply want to support their Family Legacy it’s a core value of The MVSM way of life !

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