Finding Opportunity in Adversity

I think it’s important that we approach life and marriage like we are in this together. I love Ed Mylett’s quote, “Life is not happening to you, it’s happening for you.” When you are in the middle of a situation, it could be impossible to see it. That’s why it takes stepping out of your situation to look for the good in it. Taking a step back allows you to get a better perspective. If you remember back to the previous episode notes, you will recall that I put some information out, I posted a video of Jaco Wilnik called, “Good.” I think it’s extremely important that we embrace these two mindsets while going through adversity and remember that we are in this together. You’re not alone in your marriage. It is important to work together in and on behalf of one another’s relationships, so that we can assist each other in facing and overcoming the many adversities that we are all facing in the world today.

There are many things that we’ve been able to learn based on the episode we shared. It wasn’t an easy one to do. We found that we were frustrated about many things, me more than anyone. I had been letting things build up and not communicating properly because I have been overwhelmed with work and in life at home. I was so hyper focused on work and the long hours it has demanded lately, it felt like a repeat of the past, like I was letting everyone down.

One of my core philosophies in life is to not allow circumstances to dictate your attitude no matter how difficult they may be. Obviously, I’m not perfect at this all the time, while I seem to do an adequate job for the majority of the time, I’m only human and sometimes I simply just suck at it. In this episode, we share with you what’s been going on within our home and our relationship. We work hard to find the good in all of these difficult situations. I truly believe it’s important for us all to take a step back, breathe deeply, and look for the good in each situation where at all possible. That’s what I greatly appreciate about this episode about my wife, the shift in perspective she was able to give me that changed me right there in that moment. I am jacked for you to hear this episode and cannot wait to hear your report of how you’ve found the good in your current circumstance and heck, if you haven’t, reach out to us anyway so we can help you shift your perspective. All right, you manly beast, you Apex stud, enjoy this episode of Man vs. Marriage share it with a buddy and let’s do this thing together.

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