I want to help…

I want to help but… I suck at blogging.

There it’s out in the open. As a podcaster I have a certain level of responsibility to give you more than a show, at least that’s what I am told. I want to give you more! This is the thing, the more would be in the form of written and video. While I am told I have a great face for radio video production is quite an investment time wise and in the works for sure, that leaves this great medium of the written word which is not my strong suit. My mind has a great thought and I begin writing it and the rabbit trails overwhelm me because I want to say it all, say it perfectly and leave nothing out. The result of this over thinking-ization(made that up) is a body of work that typically doesn’t match the title or one central point.

Writing has never been my strong suit even though I have so much to articulate, but I write like I think.

​So how can I help you best? I feel like through audio and video and that is probably because it’s my area of comfort. I will write from time to time and present it to you my amazing audience, I only ask for the understanding that I am not great and don’t promise to be consistent. Our team hasn’t missed a show in over 2 years which is a tremendous point of pride!


​I will leave this with you, Emotions can help you succeed or sabotage your progress.

Live long and go love your lady!


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