The Art of Asking Questions

I hate to admit it but for YOUR sake I’ll fess up, in my pre coaching years I was more of the interrogation
expert that a thoughtful “questioner” so to speak… that’s a bit puny.

Knowing this and using my experience as a simple guideline I’m asking you to understand the art of
asking questions much like don’t take it personal and hard conversations, is a learned skill and
something you create. Like with anything, you need to have some goals in mind for what you’re looking
to accomplish when it comes to your marriage, truth be told though not just having goals in mind is
enough you should have them written down somewhere you can refer back, that way you can stay true
to building what you desire. Keep in mind that anything in life needs some kind of vision or direction if
it’s really going to be a fulfilling experience.

My first question here, how do you share newly acquired information, new experiences or new
adventures with your wife? If you’re like me I’ve had the propensity to overwhelm my wife at times,
when I learn the latest and greatest keto research I pour out a deluge of information that puts her in a
sensory overload flash flood. So I’ve had to learn how to manage my approach when learning something
new, I’m not sure how this process will play out for you but I caution you to tread lightly in the
beginning. Do everything you can to work these ideals through within you before you open them up
upon anyone else. In short; at the point you complete this read and are fresh off the blog pump the
brakes on taking this information to market, the greatest and most effective change begins with you, so
implement this in your game for a short time and then roll it out within your marriage.
I took the long way to get here because I’m firm in believing

So ask yourself “What do I want out of this marriage “? “what does my wife want/need from me?

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