The Epic Fail – Crazy good Communication Part 4 The Game Plan

The Epic Fail – The Game Plan
When crazy good communication goes crazy wrong

In this episode we talk through our latest installment of Crazy Good Communication, however the focus this time is miscommunication. The impact it had on our marriage and the solutions that we came up with to not let this kind of failure happen again. (It will. We’re human. We are always learning, and you usually learn best through your failures.) We recognized what went wrong and talk through what we did versus what we should have done. You can’t fix anything until you first acknowledge what needs to be fixed, it may not be easy but it sure is worth it. We talk through the process in real time in order to make the changes and then make our new non-negotiables moving forward.

Want to make sure your communication doesn’t go through the same epic fail moment? Keep listening. We give you our tools and insights in the next episode with the play book.
The Game plan is vital though in understanding how we come to these conclusions. It will greatly assist you in identifying growth opportunities in your own life and relationship. I know, it has really been Game Changer for me!

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