The Epic Fail – Crazy good communication Part 4 The journey

The Epic Fail – The Journey
When crazy good communication goes crazy wrong.

This episode of the journey, we discuss our marriage and relationship, as well as the miscommunications, misunderstanding, and the failed moments in our current communication. With the world in its crazy state, things have changed, and people are becoming overwhelmed. Including my wife. WE discuss how conversations about everyday things like money, schooling the kids at home, and frustrations in our daily lives. With all the changes taking place at once, my wife became overwhelmed and when she heard me talking about things that were frustrating me, she only heard that “she” was the problem. Which was not the case. Unfortunately, we both fell off the ball this time around and didn’t catch the signs or act on the ones we did catch before it caused a small rift between us. Thankfully, in preparing for this podcast, we were able to discuss those things and even hashed out some new ideas live, to help us moving forward.

Learn how we caught the problem. Hear what the signs were so you can recognize them in your own marriage and learn from our epic failure in communication.
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