When Sex is the Problem and the Solution- the Journey

In this episode, we discuss a situation brought to Jeanne by a couple of our listeners. They, like the rest of us have been under a tremendous amount of stress and uncertainty is waving its ugly flag around distracting them from their relationship. Business owners, both very independent personalities, neither wanting to burden the other with their problems…wedge after wedge after wedge is being formed in their relationship and they don’t even see it.

Communication breaks down and then finally one day it explodes! A hard talk turned explosive argument comes to head, and they discover, not only have they not been talking, they hadn’t been connecting AT ALL! No quality time, no meaningful talks, NO SEX! FOR THREE MONTHS! (yeah, we groaned at that too!) Sometimes the very thing that can open communication, open your most vulnerable place, is sex with your partner. So, listen in and discover how they got out of their heads and back in the sheets!

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