When Sex is the problem and the Solution – The Playbook

In this episode we give you some resources to help open up the conversation about sex in your marriage. Sex isn’t just about getting in and getting out, no pun intended. This is the most important connection with your spouse. This is where the world and all its problems disappear, and your sole focus becomes that of your spouse and meeting that intimate need deep within. It’s a place where you are at your most vulnerable and so is she! No one else gets that connection from you, that joy, that pleasure. It’s just between you and your spouse. Everything else falls away. But if you’re not engaging in these conversations and learning what each other needs in this part of your relationship, you won’t notice when that needs not being met. It will fall to the wayside and life will go on, but you won’t be happy and neither will she. Let us help you discover how sex isn’t the problem, it’s the answer.

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