Where Do I Start? Recap

Just wanted to recap from last Episode. Taking responsibility is a willingness and openness on your part to take a look at yourself and take ownership for your actions or behavior.  I do understand that it can be very difficult to stop and take responsibility of your actions, behavior or words because of the hurt you may be experiencing.

When we are hurt are tendencies are to become the victim of the circumstances that surround the hurt. When we identify ourselves with being the victim we have the inability to take responsibility . We will see it as, it is always someone else fault and we tend to want to point fingers. That kind of behavior allows us to throw down the victim card so we don’t have to change or take responsibility. When that behavior arises we take on the identity of the victim.

I don’t want to take the word “victim” so lightly. I am using it in the content of the circumstances that surround your marriage. I want you to come to a place where you can be honest with yourself. Having the ability to embrace some truths in your life.

Check yourself and see if you are using the victim card.

Are you playing the victim so you don’t have to change or  take responsibility?

How do you identify that you are playing the victim card?

Are you making excuses for your behavior?

Are you not talking to your partner?

Are you avoiding to talk about the subject?

Are you disengaging?

Are you pouting?

Removing yourself?

Are you punishing your partner?

These all can be indicators that you are becoming the victim. Your behavior your actions are all wrapped around something that didn’t go your way you thought that it should have. Or you may feel you’ve been done wronged.

This victim mindset only leads to disempowering yourself, because you get stuck there.

Instead of being disempowered, ask yourself:

How can I be empowered by this moment?

How can I come out of my lowest point and be able to expand myself?

What can I learn about myself in this moment?

Asking yourself questions can really help you identify why you are behaving the way you are.

I know this sounds easy, however a lot of times we don’t take the time to process what really is going on within us.

Take time for yourself and work through your feelings.


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