WTF – What The Frustration

WTF? What the Frustration

I know, the F in WTF isn’t frustration, most of the time! Frustrations are all too often ambiguous making them extremely hard to pin-point. Frustrations generally come in small doses, they pile up over time and the fact is we all have them. Some people see them as opportunities to change and grow, others see them as overwhelming agents of change. AND WE DON’T DO CHANGE WELL! Ha. In this episode, we discuss how sometimes your desire to help your spouse or others overcome and fix their situations, so they’ll no longer be frustrated isn’t always what the person wants. At what point do you step in? When do you throw in the white flag and let them fix their own issues? How do you do that when your spouse is the one you’re trying desperately to help?

We discuss how I tried to help my wife, but it wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted me to listen, not fix. She was overwhelmed and my suggestions added to her stress creating an argument. We discussed how we could both better communicate these frustrations and some questions that helped us navigate which role we were needed in during stressful conversations by using phrases like; “I just need to vent” or “Are you looking for help to change this or are you just wanting to talk about it because you need to get it off your chest?” Knowing that information will help both of you better communicate without all the frustrations on both sides of the relationship.

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